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Find an outsized varies of wholesale handbags and wholesale purses that area unit certain to add oomph to your attire. Boost your wardrobe and happening your dress with wholesalehandbagshop latest purse assortment. In fact, at our store, you will select from associate degree thorough type of finest purses at below wholesale rates. We tend to tend to area unit the leaders stylish and proportion of high-end, trendy and classy women purses, wallets, purses and clutches.

Wholesalehandbagshop is online store where you can acquire designer handbags, fashion accessories, designer jewelry and many more things. In wholesale handbags corner you can find all types of bags like evening bags, messenger bags, wallets, business bags etc. When it comes to jewelry section you can find necklace sets, earrings, rings, hair accessories and bracelets etc. You can find here fashion scarves also .these all things you can buy on one online store that is on very reasonable rates.

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What is Handbag?

The Handbag also called a purse a fashion accessory that helps women to carry all of her accessory. Handbag carry things like: key chains, mirrors, mobile phones, comb, wallets, visiting cards and many other small things. The handbag comes in various sizes mostly ladies chooses the medium sizes bags. The handbag comes in for men also its called men bags. They can carry his wallets, t-shirts, sunglasses and many more small things. Women are very passionate about her handbag, she want to buy fashionable and trendy handbag that suits her personality. Therefore a handbag comes in various types.

Here is the complete list of all the handbag types:

Animal Print Handbags: -

Animal Print handbags are look like for the pattern of the skin of the various animals. These handbags give you a very pretty look. These handbags are usually made for the garment and leather.

Betty Boop Handbags: -

Betty Boop Handbags gives you extra look while you are caring. Betty Boop is a cartoon character first seen in 1932 in American TV. Now, she can still help you become a head turner with women's Betty Boop handbag accessories. 

Wholesale Bible Covers: -

it’s a small rectangular shaped bag that used to protect you Bible for damaged. These covers are made with different materials like: leather, denim and much more things. These cases are comes in the market in various colors like: black, red, purple, animal print and much more.

Camouflage Handbags: -

These bags look like military bags that look very stunning. These bags are mostly comes in khaki and coffee colors. These handbags are made from leather and denim. Every age of women can carry this type of bag.

Clear Transparent Handbags: -

These types of the bags mostly used by USA staff members for security reasons. These bags are made from Plastic and other material. These bags are comes in various types like: clear backpacks, clear tote bags, gym bags and much more.

Wholesale Clutches & Evening bags: -

Usually this bag comes in without handles. These bags are rectangular in shape. Mostly this bag used in evening parties and other occasions. Clutch bags are designed to carry few things. Clutch bags are comes In various shapes and sizes.

Chevron Handbags: -

Chevron Handbags also known for Goyard handbags. These bags are comes in three-dimensional pattern in various colors. These bags are looks very stylish. These bags are comes in 1892. Now these bags are most popular in the market and every want to buy chevron bags to look fashionable and trendy.

Concealed Carry Handbags: -

Concealed Carry Handbags that not only look smart, but they have many features. Concealed Carry Handbags comes in dual locking zippers for right and left handed. These bags usually made from leather and come in various colors in the market. It contains inside zipper pockets.

Wholesale Cross Handbags: -

These bags also known for messenger bags or cross body bags. These bags come in various shapes and colors. It contains a long strap worn across the body. It usually used to deliver small packages or postcards.

Crown Handbags: -

Crown Handbags holds a symbol of crown in every bag.  That’s look trendy and stylish. These bags are come in various sizes and colors. These bags are very light weight. Crown handbags are first choice of every woman while they are shopping.

Damask Handbags: -

These are handbags usually made from cotton or fabric. These handbags are come in printed in various colors and shapes. These bags are look very fashionable. It comes in various types like: backpacks, tote and wallets.

Denim Handbags: -

Denim Handbags are a very different look. These bags are matching almost every dress. These bags are comes in almost every sizes.  Now these types of bags are demand in the market and famous day by day. These bags are comes in mostly blue color.

Wholesale Designer Inspired Handbags: -

Now let’s talk about designer handbags, the most famous handbags in the market. Every lady wants to purchase designer bag to look stylish. This bag has a huge demand in the market these days. This bag comes in every size and various colors.

Diaper Bags: -

A Diaper bag is a storage bag with many pockets. This bag is used by both boy and girl. This bag comes in small size. Mostly this bag is used by little boy and girl. This bag is released in 1995.

Embroidery Handbags: -

These bags are comes in various styles. They look very trendy and fashionable. These bags decorated with embroidery in floral and fauna design. Sometimes they are coupled with embellishments such as beads, sequins and tassels.

Fashion Trend Handbags: -

These bags give you enhance look. These bags come in all sizes and various colors that give you extra charm look. Designer fashion handbags are always first choice for the women while they are shopping. The bids of these bags are always high but you can buy these bags for the wholesalers at very reasonable prices.

Floral Handbags

Floral Handbags: -

Floral Handbags are designed to emphasize the lace or floral components of a dress. Featuring a snap button top and a gem arm handle, this bag can come in white or ivory.

Genuine Leather Handbags: -

Now-a-days leather handbags become the luxury item for the women. Mostly business women choose this type of the bag. With an increase the demand of leather handbags, designers have to make attractive products to meet the current trend.

Patchwork Handbags: -

Animal Print handbags are look like for the pattern of the skin of the various animals. These handbags give you a very pretty look. These handbags are usually made for the garment and leather.

Polka Dot Handbags: -

If you want to own a very unique handbag then you must have to choose the most popular pattern seen or dot bags. These bags come in various styles and shapes. These dotted patterns on your travel backpacks with surely show that you do not have a insipid personality.

Quilted Handbags: -

Quilted Handbags are very incredible popular because they are fashionable, sincere, and they stir up wistful memories of home.  Quilted Handbags are made by leather, cotton and other fabrics.

Straw Handbags: -

If you want a ultra-unique look then you must have choose straw handbags. Straw Handbags comes in every type like: tote, purses, hobos, diaper bags and much more types.

Striped Handbags: -

Element Striped Shopper Bag includes snake like print on the stamped body. Pleated design along with highlighted bottom corner is making it an excellent collection in the market.

Western Handbags: -

Western Handbags are very common choice for the ladies.  They are come in various styles and shapes. Mostly women choose the black color handbags while shopping. These bags are comes in gun shaped also.

Woven Handbags: -

Woven leather designs are evidence to the classic lines of timeless handbags. The method of interlacing leather strips, soft or stiff, is a type of art form that is slowly becoming extinct.

Ribbon & Bow Handbags: -

These types of bags are contains a ribbon on his top. These bags are comes in various shapes and styles but mostly women choose the small size bag.

How Designers make a Handbag?

What materials used while making Handbag?

There are various types of materials used in while making a handbag. Here is the complete list of material:



Cotton comes in variety of colors, prints, weights and much more things. Cotton is very easy to cut.

Faux Fur:

Fax fur has a doze and all the pattern bits must be cut fronting the same direction.


Linen fabrics have a movable pile and wrinkle easily unless attached with an interfacing or sponsored with batting and quilted. Linens can be pre-washed but it better to dry fresh them.

Leather and Suede:

Leather and Suede is made from Animal skin.


Silk comes in different weight and sizes.


Rayon Fabric is multipurpose in touch, color and sheen. It can have the curtain and sheen of silk and is best dry cleaned.


is a textile with a loose pile but it can be attached with interfacing to steady.

Velvet and Velveteen:

Both fabrics have a steering nap and must be scratch in the same direction.

Lining Fabrics:

There are various types of lining fabric in various colors and textures they add aexpert look to the inside of the bag.


Handbag Bottom:




Glues and Adhesives:

Why women's love handbags?

Could it's that girls square measure simply genetically susceptible to an extremely like of purses? Why that associate endearing women’s purse iscannot be passed up by most females? A woman’s seek the perfect handbag got to be taken quite seriously particularly if you're the one sharing an establishment account together with her.

Selected women haven't any quandary paying very a trifle of money on the superb purse. From designer purses to endearing monogrammed purses a trendy purse simply square measure unable to be passed up. On top of the decades designers have return up with even lots costlier purses. You may acquire an automotive vehicle for the worth tag of bound designer purses. Except for each designer purse there's a woman ready to get.

The media does not facilitate in calming our resolve for the superb purse. Scroll by suggests that of any celeb journal and you'll most undoubtedly have initial peek on what purse a specific sensation is carrying. Of class, this simply adds to our need for that individual bag or a very glorious knock off.

Women most doubtless hold their purses as a prized possession. We stock our purses nearly all over we tend to go. Our purses have our most helpful instrumentation, our makeup, our keys and our case. i assume we tend to might throw all of those things into a bag associated facilitate save ourselves a entire peck of funds however you recognize what-that would be implausibly boring and enter opposition to every and each inborn factor that dictates a woman's ought to need to carry an endearing purse.

Handbags manufacture countries

Handbags are made in almost every country. They think that handbag manufacture is really great business. They earn a huge amount by selling their handbags. Here is the some country that they manufacture handbag:







New Zealand:


Difference b/w wallets and handbags


A wallet is small in size and holds small things like: cards, money and piece of paper. A wallet can fit in the pants pocket. Mostly man uses the wallets to carry their money or business cards. Wallet does not have any handle. Wallets can be used by men or women both.


A handbags is bigger in size and hold lots of things inside it. A handbag can carry a wallet also inside it. Mostly women use the handbag. Handbags are come in handle of his neck. A handbag can hold makeup kits, wallets, business cards and much more things. Handbags can only use by women.

Wholesale handbag shop for Retailers

There are various shop where you can find the these types of handbags but I’ll suggest you 2 best shop in the market where you can find all types of handbags in a very reasonable prices. 

Handbag Safety Tips

If you are one of the myriad women who leaves your handbag somewhere where you are not — in a shopping cart while you turn your back, or on your counter while you walk down the hall — you are setting yourself up for robbery. The blame always lies with the aggressor but we are accountable for being positive about our own security.

5 Tips for Avoiding a Purse Snatcher

1. Size matters, and small is best. A large bag seems to contain more loot and is a more likely goal.

2. Carry only what you needfor where you are going. Living a purse snatching is taxing enough without the added anguish of wondering exactly what the attacker got away with. Can you memory everything in your bag right now?

3. Be willing to give up your bag and yell. Nothing you own is worth endangering your life for, and although purse snatchers usually don’t mean to hurt their losses, the attack can be escalated if you waste to go along with their strategy.

4. More expensive bags are bigger targets. If you have a $400 bag or even a $2,200 bag, not only is the bag more appreciated to an enemy, but there is a chance of more credit cards with greater limits privileged as well.

5. Wearing a shoulder bag is dangerous if snatched. It is more common to be hurt during a purse snatching if your bag is over your shoulder, or even worse, if slantwise across your body. Carry the band in your hand.

Handbag is always easy to carry for women in any place.

It’s no doubt that handbags are really easy to carry always. Handbags are contains all of your important things like: credits cards, keys, money, makeup kit, money, important documents and many more things. You can’t carry these things without a handbag or purse. You just hold your handbag in your arm. You can carry your handbag in any place where you want like: meeting, washroom, traveling and many other places. Handbag carries all of your important things anywhere where you want. That’s why women love to buy handbags in any cost. Handbags are really useful in every women life.

Importance of handbags (Wallets) in men's life

Men spent plenty of time within their life in going from one place to a different whether or not it's in the personal or skilled front. Most of them avoid carrying an oversized bag not like girls and instead opt to take a notecase wherever they'll place few vital things like business cards, notes and different vital stuff. Wallets must always be chosen on the premise of the temperament of a private. Today, wallets square measure out there in varied styles and sizes, however most of the time men commit an error whereas getting the correct notecase.

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